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The MES Chronicles have four distinct continuities: Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Space the Infinite Edge, and Chronicles of Darkness – X (or CoD-X/Codex). Each of these universes are separate from the other, but within that universe all games exist in the same universe.

Each chronicle/universe exists in a global continuity: everyone in MES, no matter where on earth you are, will be playing the same story across the country. This is what truly separates MES from other roleplaying groups: the actions taken in one community, or even by one player, can affect players all over the world. As a member of MES, your characters might host visitors from England as you interact with players from London, arrest a fugitive wanted by the characters in L.A., or fight off an invasion from Boston to Atlanta.

Modern Enigma Genres

Modern Enigma Society hosts a variety of different game genres set in the World of Darkness. You can read more about each setting by clicking on the genre’s links below.

Space: The Infinite Edge

Following the Third Great War, the Earth entered a near Apocalyptic state. Humanity looked to the stars for expansion and to ensure the continuance of the species. An expeditionary fleet was formed from the survivors to travel to the stars to find a new home for mankind…

For more information about Space: The Infinite Edge, click here.

Vampire: The Masquerade 

All is not well within the Ivory Tower. Centuries old monsters vie for power and dominance, hiding their intentions behind a veneer of civility and pleasantries; ancient eyes study you like an insect on a pin, behind a smile that doesn’t reach their eyes. Come and join the struggle for power, dominance and control. Grow to become one of the Kindred seated on the throne, or the real power behind it. Make allies and enemies, gain power and then keep it, if you can.

The “Campires” can explain it away all they’d like, but we know the truth: the Ancients are real, and any day now they’re coming back to break their fast on our blood and our souls. When they do, we’ll be ready for them. We’ll stand together as brothers and sisters, and we’ll kill and die for Caine’s Sword. In the mean time, it’s my pack versus your pack, my path and my faction versus yours. But at the end of days, it’ll be us versus the world. If you make it that long.

For more information about Masquerade click here.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Some say the Garou were spawned to fight the Wyrm, and much of their history comprises battles between their heroes and the Wyrm’s minions. Save the world from total annihilation in the struggle between the Wyrm, Weaver, and Wyld.

For more information about Apocalypse click here.

Chronicles of Darkness (CoD-X)

Five years ago something happened. Something terrible and tragic. The world changed in just seconds. Cities were shattered, families fought against each other and life changed forever. It only took ten seconds. Ten seconds for ancient power structures to fall, for sacred sites to be decimated; For entire realms to be washed away in a tide of blood and ash. That was five years ago. 2012 – a year when the world turned upside down, inside out. It’s been a few years now. No one has forgotten those ten seconds. I don’t think anyone ever will.

For more information about CoD-X click here.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Sabbat

The Sabbat has delivered the first crippling blow against the Camarilla. The Camarilla is no longer the ruling Sect, but the war has not yet been won. It is your time to destroy the Camarilla or lose the war.  Many other Sects, Independent groups, external and internal forces are looking to take advantage of the shift in power.

Vampire: The Masquerade – The Thirteenth Hour

In 2011, the world ended. For some. For most, though, the sun still set, and unlife continued. 

Some kindred consider the night of the Beckoning to have been the moment of Gehenna. Nothing else could have caused so many elders to just disappear…. But the moon never ran as blood, the sun never rose black in the sky. Nothing boiled from the ground, and the world never turned cold. The fabled end-times came and went just like any other night, unlike anything vampires had ever predicted. But the world kept turning.

For more information about the Thirteenth Hour Chronicle click here.

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MES Organization

How is MES set up? What is the difference between a chapter and a domain?

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