Changeling: The Lost


The following documents are the settings, history, and mechanics for the MES Changeling the Lost chronicle that started in June 2013. These are in addition to canon materials. There are several guides here intended to help players with our current Chronicle. There is information on plot kits currently available from the ANST Lost office, numerous settings guides, and a document to help players decide on an Entitlement for their character!

Player Resources

Changeling: The Lost’s Player’s Guide
The Entitlement Guide
The World Market Player Guide
The National Institutions
The Ghost Rail Player Guide
Courts & Seemings Guide
MES Changeling the Lost Wiki page

Storyteller Resources

Changeling: The Lost’s Chronicle Storyteller Guide
VSS Creation Guide
Current Plot kits available from National


Rules Addenda.
MES Changeling the Lost Appendix 1 – Token Creation Guide

Mailing Lists

Changeling Mailing Lists

Setting information

Red Veil Academy
Opposition to the Longest Night Motley – A US Settings Resource
Order of St. Anthony – A US Settings Resource
US Changeling History

For more information, contact:

Travis McLaughlin
MES ANST Changeling