Character Creation

So, you’re looking to game with one of the biggest LARP organizations in the world? Well first you need a character. We’ll go through some nice and easy steps to help you create an awesome character.

Step One: Choosing a concept

If you’ve played any of the White Wolf role-playing games, you know how important it can be to have a dynamite concept. Interaction is the key to enjoying the local game as well as the global game. A good concept that will promote interaction is key.

Starting with real world situations and adding a dark twist makes it much easier to build a backstory.

Step Two: Back story

An important thing to remember is that the World of Darkness, whichever version you’re playing in, is a dark reflection of our own. There are things that go bump in the night, and sometimes that thing is you.

What does your character want? What are your character’s goals? As in great literature, a great character has a clear motivation for everything they do, even if that motivation isn’t clear to the other characters within the story.

People might misunderstand the character motivation, but ultimately as long as you’re playing it in a way that feels like you’re being true to the motivation of the character, you’re doing your part to keep the game fun, and interesting for other players.

Step Three: Connections

Once you have a concept and a backstory, it’s time to make connections. There are a few resources that are offered in MES that will help you with this daunting task.

  1. Lineage: What is your PC’s Lineage?
    Where is your character from? Who is s/he connected to? What family is s/he from?
  2. Character ties: What lists can you ask about Character ties on?
    You can ask on any of the ooc lists: MES Mailing Lists. There are also specific character ties lists for some venues:
    Masquerade Character Ties

Step Four: Put dots on to paper

While this particular guide is somewhat system agnostic, at some point you are going to have to put dots to paper and actually handle the mechanical aspects of character creation. I’ll break down this process in some additional steps.

  1. Fill out a character sheet for the game you are playing in.
    Find out about the rules of your venues. The following tools can help you with this task:

    • Your venue storyteller (always an excellent resource)
    • Your Mind’s Eye Theater books You can purchase those through DrivethruRPG here
    • The addendum for the venue you’re playing in. You can view them here .

    These resources, along with your own knowledge of the games will help you to get through the first steps of character creation.

  2. Get to know your game itself. What this means is that if your venue is a heavy combat venue, creating a combat character might be fun, but if it’s a venue where everyone sits around drinking tea, that same combat character might seem a little out of place (although that has it’s place in great stories as well!)
  3. Talk to other players. Seriously, this is one of your best resources. No one knows the rules like veteran players, and they can give you great ideas for putting your dots into places and making your concepts come to life.
  4. Downloads for the MES character sheets for the 2013 chronicle can be found here.

Step Five: Venue Storyteller approval

This step is important. In order to play in a sanctioned Minds Eye Society game, your character must be approved by the Venue Storyteller for that particular venue. Take a minute to look over your character yourself, first.

  • Did you spend your starting experience points correctly?

Use your books as your guide to properly spot check your own sheet first. After you’ve done that, and you believe everything is in order, present the finished character to the Venue Storyteller for review and approval. It’s important to note that not all concepts, and characters get approved, but your Storyteller will work with you to create a character that is both fun for you, and mechanically correct.

Step 5: Start Playing

The steps outlined above will help you to create something balanced and fun for whichever venue you decide to play in. Good luck, and have a great game.