Character Sheets

Classic World of Darkness

Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Apocalypse (Laws of the Wild)

Apocalypse Kinfolk (Laws of the Wild)

BNS Apocalypse/Masquerade Multi-Venue Sheet (XLSB file) (XLSB file type, faster and smaller format. Functionality exactly the same as the XLSM). Updated 1/13/2017

BNS Apocalypse/Masquerade Multi-Venue Sheet (XLSM file) (XLSM file type, larger and slightly slower format type for those who have issues with the XLSB format). Updated 1/12/2017

BNS Apocalypse/Masquerade Multi-Venue Sheet (Google Sheets based)

BNS Masquerade Sheet (Vampire the Masquerade)

BNS Masquerade Sheet (Kindred/Ghoul) Version 1.1.28  uploaded: 1/22/2015


Chronicles of Darkness

Previously known as New World of Darkness

Mortals/ Second Sight: Version 1.0.03 Last uploaded: 6/2/2013 (Upload soon for New Addendum)

nWoD/Accord All-in-One sheet

Requiem Kindred   Version: 1.2.12 Last uploaded: 12/17/2014  

Requiem Ghoul Version 1.0.99   Last uploaded: 9/10/2013 (Upload soon for New Addendum)

NPC Retainer (Mortal/Ghoul – Requiem)  Version 1.0.99 Last Uploaded: 12/13/2013 (Upload soon for New Addendum)

Forsaken Werewolf Version 1.1.16 Last Uploaded: 9/2/2013 (Upload soon for New Addendum)


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