Combined: the Accord



The Truth is chewing into our reality and is bent on our destruction. The Accord is here to stop it.

Welcome to the New World of Darkness: The Accord, a game where you are part of a secret alliance of supernaturals that fights the twisted offspring of The Truth and it’s minions within the Church of the Ultimate Truth. High drama and explosive action meet as you balance the fight and the secret while navigating the attitudes of the differing supernatural creatures around you. Your greatest weapon is keeping the world ignorant of what’s coming for it, but how long will that last?

With high local storyteller discretion, impressive characters, and tense roleplay, New World of Darkness: The Accord offers a unique LARP experience in Mind’s Eye Society.

Choose your character. Write your background. Join your friends (and enemies) in The Accord.

The Truth is waiting.

Click here to go to the Accord Website where you can find all the available information about this venue. Or continue on for a “roadmap” guided tour of the documents and information available to help you get started in this exciting new venue!

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If you’re ready to look at creating a character, keep reading. Keep in mind that the addendums (which clarify the rules for each template as well as items) are in their own section. After you read this group of documents, you need to look at the addendum(s) relevant to the character you want to create.

Accord OOC Metaplot Timeline:

  • Fictional history of the setting

  • When building a character, the history of the setting can be extremely helpful. This document is Out-of-Character knowledge unless a character garners the appropriate permissions and/or approvals.

Accord Template List:

  • A listing of approved and non-approved character types.

  • This excel sheet lists which World of Darkness templates are available for players to choose from and which are reserved for storytellers only. It also has helpful notes to know which book each template appears in. It’s a good at-a-glance when contemplating a concept.

Accord CCD (Character Creation Document):

  • Can be filled out by players in order to flesh out character history and be awarded extra starting experience points.

  • This document asks a variety of questions related to overall character history (like life before your PC’s change) and template specific items to help develop a more layered character. When you attach your character to your local VSS through the database, this document can be included to help supplement your character’s background while earning a few more experience points.

Accord Guide to Reality

  • The Reality Quotient, in detail.

  • This document lays out the principals of RQ, Corrupted Artifacts, Tears, Abominations, and Mutations.

Accord Politics and Cell Guide

  • The organized political structure of the Accord.

  • This document lays out the benefits of status, along with the intricacies of politics from the local cell level to the High Council.



By reading the material above, surely you’ve realized that Accord is badass. It’s only natural that you would want to story tell for it. The documents below should get you started. These files are also great for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the venue from a storyteller perspective.

RQ 2.0

  • The document by which personal and base RQ is calculated, along with charts for gauging ARQ.

The Antagonists Guide

  • A brief overview of the Church of Ultimate Truth and other Servant groups of the Truth.

Accord VSS Template:

  • The official Accord VSS template. Explains terms and the 1-5 rating system.

Accord Sample VSS:

  • An example of an Accord VSS.

Accord Quartermaster Guide:

  • This guide for players and VSTs covers special Accord magic items given to cells to boost their effectiveness at many tasks, especially combat.

  • Find more information about Menat in this document.

Accord Quartermaster Requisition Sheet:

  • This sheet is for use by the Quartermaster to make choosing which accord-specific magic items to order and distribute each month.


All of the addenda links can be found on the Addenda page.

(original by Rachel Geist US2005063548, edited by ANST Accord)