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In addition to traditional live role-playing games, Modern Enigma Society also offers online role-playing options using Internet Relay Chat, or IRC. IRC is used in Modern Enigma Society for simple in-game channels where player characters send text messages back and forth and for online chat rooms where they can interact in groups both in character and out of character.

Online games are conducted over the internet using IRC’s built-in challenge resolution system, thereby allowing players from all over the world the chance to role-play together in the same place at the same time with an easy-to-use mechanics system for in character chops.

Getting Connected

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with Modern Enigma Society on IRC is to get an IRC client – a program that will allow you to make use of the IRC network.  Some of the more popular ones include

Once you have a client and have it installed you’ll need to connect it to the Darkmyst server, the server that hosts all Modern Enigma Society channels.  Darkmyst has some helpful hints about how to do this at their Connecting FAQ page.

Once you’re on, simply join the #cam-ooc channel and ask an Op (signified with a @ in front of their screen name) for help on how to get involved.  They will be able to point you towards the in-game channels, give you the keys required to access them, and answer general questions about how to get the most out of your IRC experience.

For more detailed information about Modern Enigma Society’s IRC presence please see the official Policies page.

The Virtual Communities:

MES Virtual is the central virtual community with a strong history within Modern Enigma Society. It’s main members are drawn from the 8 regional virtual chapters. Chapter members are given the option of participating in the National Online IRC games rather than attending a physical game if travel to a local game is difficult. Membership in one of the 8 virtual regional chapters is not required to participate or be a member of MES Virtual.

Membership in a regional virtual chapter should be discussed with your region’s coordinator. Most regions rule that the virtual chapter membership is open to anyone who lives more than thirty miles away from an existing physical chapter or who has a medical condition that makes attending live games impossible.  If you meet either of these criteria or if you have some other extraordinary situation that you feel might make you eligible for special consideration, then feel free to contact your Regional Coordinator  to find out more about joining the MES Virtual chapter for your region. You can also contact the National Community Manager Cris Hundley with any questions about MES Virtual at