Mage: the Awakening


The following documents are the Setting for the Awakening Chronicle starting in 2013. These documents are binding and normative; they establish the baseline paradigm for this Awakening chronicle.

Awakening National Stylesheet
Spellcasting 101
Enchanting Guide
MES Awakening Custom Spells

For current Addenda, please visit the Addenda page.

Pentacle Orders Primer
Silver Ladder Primer
Free Council Primer
Guardians of the Veil Primer
Mysterium Primer
Adamantine Arrow Primer
Convocation Primer
High Gnosis Guide

Awakening Consolidated Timeline: PDFExcel File

Mage Mailing Lists
Pentacle Dynasty: the Isidori (Mailing List Sponsors)
“All Genres” Excel Character Sheets – by Michael Bryan

Approved Custom Content
Silver Dynasty: the Blanchefort Family

If you have comments or questions on any of the above, or if you have ideas, please send them to your DST or RST, who will then forward them on the ANST Awakening staff. While the staff will be watching the email lists for threads regarding this information, the way to ensure your thoughts are seen is to make sure they are received by your RST.

Thank you!

Nick Pilon (US2008092874)
MES aNST: Mage