Mind’s Eye Society Wiki

More often than not, you will use the wiki for information on characters both local and outside of your local area.  You can use these to propose background ties with characters that have similar backgrounds, when looking to be ‘created’ to find a suitable PC for your character.  You can also use it for finding an avus for your Mage character’s legacy, or induction into a bloodline, as well as a multitude of other things.

The Minds Eye Society Wiki Project can be found here.

The first step is to read the wiki user guide.  The instructions are however, for the bare minimum.  Take some time to explore other wiki pages – everything can be customized to your liking.

To create a new page, you need to perform a search for the topic you are looking for.  If a page with that name does not exist, you will have the opportunity to create one by clicking the red text in the body of the page that says ‘create this page’.

Templates for the character bio pages can be found here.

The Wiki rules are covered under the Code of Conduct.  It’s important to realize that information you put here will be searchable by the entire club – so be sure to not put sensitive information in your wiki (such as your true allegiances if you are a infiltrator), or anything you do not want known as ‘common knowledge’ about your character unless you explicitly state that is not to be used as in-character information.

A basic first steps guide can be found below:

  1. Browse or Search from the left sidebar.
    A good place to start is your Domain/city or your character names.
  2. Select “Edit” tab to change, update or copy.
    Copy & paste wiki code from Templates, or from any page that you like.
  3. See Wikipedia General Tutorial for general editing help.
  4. Also see the MES/Cam Wiki Formatting Help for tips specific to this wiki.

This wiki is for the current chronicle.