Space: The Infinite Edge

The Infinite Edge

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MESCON Character Quickstart Guide – a basic overview of character concept creation for MESCON

Following the Third Great War, the Earth entered a near Apocalyptic state. Humanity looked to the stars for expansion and to ensure the continuance of the species. An expeditionary fleet was formed from the survivors to travel to the stars to find a new home for mankind…

Posted 8/21/2016, updates will continue


After weeks of effort, I am proud to announce the initial setting documents for the Space venue are complete. Up front, you have likely noticed the subject line. Based on Onyx Path’s Infinite Macabre and Bleeding Edge, we are subtitling the Space venue Infinite Edge. The documents presented herein are intended as the basic framework for the venue.

Briefly, let us talk about what is missing. First, the National Style Sheet (NSS). It is finished and with your RSTs for feedback. The NSS lays out styles of play, themes, and considerations to potential metaplot for the venue.

Second, Regional histories. Regional histories will be dependent, in part, on local settings. Domains should consider the type of game they want, where it would ideally be set in their Sector (Region), and relay that to the RST. RSTs in turn will work with the Domains interested in running the venue and National staff to craft a setting appropriate timeline for their Region.

Lastly, there are a number of setting documents still in draft or to be undertaken in the future, to include: Splat Guides (coming after the NSS), a mythos and religion appendix to the Basic Universe Guide (in draft), Union Guides, a spaceship guide, bestiary, toolboxes for storytellers, and much more. We’ll slowly push these documents out and post them on the Space tab of the MES website and the MES NST Facebook page.

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