Vampire: The Masquerade – Cam/Anarch


Starting in June 2013, the Mind’s Eye Society will begin an ambitious five year chronicle. Our first foray into the setting of the 20th anniversary edition of Vampire: the Masquerade, we will expand on 20 years of history to make a chronicle that is wholly our own.  These documents provide the initial expectations and settings that allow players and local storytellers to begin putting together their personal and local histories for the The Camarilla venue.

Guides posted here are intended to provide insight into the MES Cam/Anarch Chronicle.
Please note that at times the information posted here will involve alterations from the events as presented within the core material. Any such changes were done with the intent to enable our game to mesh and to avoid a simple “repeat story.”

Welcome to the Final Nights.

Rules Guides
For current Addenda, please visit the Addenda page.
Cam/Anarch Character Creation Document
Lore Chart (2015-03-24: Document revision coming soon)

Settings Guides
Settings Guide
Prominent Conclaves in History
Cam/Anarch Timeline
US NPCs of Note
Clan Head Guide

Clan/Bloodlines Guides

Brujah Clan Guide
Gangrel Clan Guide
Giovanni Clan Guide
Malkavian Clan Guide
Nosferatu Clan Guide
Toreador Clan Guide
Tremere Clan Guide
Ventrue Clan Guide
Mailing Lists
Mailing Lists
List Premises