US Requiem Chronicle History

Note: Please be sure and thank Nycci Daniels the next time you see her, for her amazing work at putting this history together for us, and Jon Herrmann, for his work on The Crucibles. Also, details in this history is subject to change as we work with our partner affiliates.

The histories listed here are based on a variety of Kindred compilations gathered by various covenants and conspiracies.  While, true to canon, Kindred aren’t inclined (and to some extent, are unable) to enact real revolution and change, they are more than inclined to take credit for involvement in mortal history.  To follow is a Kindred history – the extent to which Kindred were actually involved in the listed events may be more or less accurate, or simply a distraction to keep people from the actual truth of events…

The Discovery: pre-1600
Emigration: 1600-1700
Colonization: 1700-1799
Foundation: 1800-1860
Conflict: 1861-1920
Highs and Lows: 1920-1940
World War II and Aftermath: 1940-1949
Fin du Siècle: 1950-1999
21st Century: 2000 – Modern Day
The Crucibles

The Truth about Vampires

It will be possible, though very dangerous, to learn the truth about Kindred and their origins within the course of the Chronicle.  It won’t be done in the first month, or even the first two years.  This time will allow plenty of chances for arguments concerning who’s right about what regarding the origin of Kindred, Longinus, Dracula, and the like before someone discovers the truth – if the truth is ever discovered.