21st Century: 2000 – Modern Day

2000:  George W Bush is elected president in one of the closest and most controversial elections in US history.  His administration approves education reform and large across-the-board tax cuts aimed to stimulate the US economy.  The NASDAQ falls to 4580 on March 15th.

2001:  The September 11 attacks occurred, starting the war in Afghanistan and the US War on Terror.  With the heightened security in airports by TSA, it makes it difficult for Kindred to travel across the United States.  Many begin turning to alternate forms of transportation such as the railway, cars, and boats.  The Dot-Com bubble finally bursts as many of the dot-coms cased trading after burning through their venture capital, many never even having made a profit.  The US Patriot act is put into place, causing significant harm to the enforcement of the Masquerade.

2002:  The Homeland Security Department is created.  The Masquerade becomes even more important as it becomes difficult to obtain information and cross the border.  Under the Department of Homeland Security, immigration, naturalization, Customs, TSA, and other domestic concerns shake the foundation of the Masquerade – reins are tightened again over the threat of hunter groups affiliated with the Government, who are operating under the interests of “domestic protections.”

2005:  Hurricane Katrina strikes the United States, displacing members of the Circle of Crone from the Island nations and the coastal areas.  Places that had previous been primarily Crone territory was now recovering from both a natural disaster and a struggling economy.

2008:  Barack Obama is elected president.  His economic and stimulus package was welcomed by Kindred who saw it as a means to help improve the lives of their herd.  It was one of the first times in years that Kindred began making significant moves within the political arena.  The Masquerade is slightly relaxed as the Kindred begin trying to help support the kine.   The Lancea Sanctum, seeing an opportunity for conversion, experiences a major upswing, as does the Circle of Crone.   The Stock Market crashes in 4th Quarter, causing massive layoffs and unemployment and a decline in wealth.  Of the 13 major US Financial Institutions, 12 of them were in trouble failing.  The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is enacted to bail out the struggling banks.

2010:  The Housing Market bottoms out, causing number of Kindred to lose their Havens in the Market Crash.  Despite being immortal, the Kindred have lost money in the struggling Stock Market as well.  Inner Cities are more densely populated now – while this provides Kindred a better access to a dense population of herd, the quality of herd has significantly reduced.  With the movement towards the Inner City, Praxes become centered over specific cities of dense populations that are normally a 10-20 mile radius.  These Praxes extend beyond that, though the majority of the population remains within a small radius of people.

2011:  The US Stock Markets fall again, which results in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  This movement was followed by many other “Occupy” Movements.  Many Kindred are involved in these in either an experimental or political capacity.