Emigration: 1600-1700

The arrival of the 1600’s saw a world changed.  Settlers were moving into the new world in fleets.  With the freedoms of a new world, there was also a new hope for many individuals who were unhappy with the oppression of the old world.  Even the Invictus, founded on tradition and a long established history saw the promise in the new world.

1607:  The first successful English colony is established at Jamestown.  With the disaster of the Roanoke Colony behind them, the Invictus quickly made a grab for power, establishing a new empire along the Eastern coast of the New World.

1610:  Britain sends a number of convicts to the American Colonies, providing an almost endless supply of easy food to the American vampires.   This made it possible for these Kindred to thrive and still maintain the Masquerade.

1620:  The Pilgrims arrive on the Mayflower, accompanied by several excommunicated members of the Lancea Sanctum.

1622:  Believed to have been incited by the surviving sire of one of the native Kindred slaughtered in Roanoke, The Powhatan uprising occurs in Virginia.   Native American mortals killed hundreds of English settlers, resulting in a great deal of bloodshed over land rights, territory and freedoms.

1630:  The Puritans establish the Massachusetts Bay Colony, paving the way for religious diversity.  While the first Puritans had no Kindred ties to them, the Lancea Sanctum quickly found their way into their ranks creating a short-lived Puritanical Creed that was decried as heretical in 1733.