Highs and Lows: 1920-1940

The time known as the “Roaring Twenties” was a time of significant change among Kindred society.  With the Great Depression and the New Deal, Kindred populations drastically fluctuated within the United States.  From 1929 to 1939, Kindred population weakened severely as many of the Kindred in the United States went into torpor due to either physical starvation or simple depression.  The mortal population and morale was at a low, and many Kindred were unable to function in their normal unlives during this time.

1924:  The Immigration Act of 1924 decreased the incoming Kindred population of the United States, making travel in and out of the country more difficult.

1929:  The Stock Market Crash of October 29th, 1929 triggers the start of the Great Depression.  Several Invictus moguls lose almost their entire savings, and Ordo Dracul chapterhouses across the United States are forced to shut down.  Members of the Carthian Movement found that their political experiments were no longer welcome, many of the covenant forced into obscurity.  Mortal society simply could not handle any new and drastic changes, and Kindred Society was no different.

1932:  Several members of the Carthian Movement supported presidential nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt and his “New Deal of the American People.”  With their political assistance, Roosevelt was able to pass a series of measures to reform the American economy.  In the end, these measures created welfare programs and helped regulate the banking system, stock market, industry and agriculture.  The Civilian Conservation Corps was created, supported by a joint effort between the Invictus and the Lancea Sanctum.  This marked the first time in years that the Lancea Sanctum and the Invictus found common ground to work on.  The Conspiracy known as Nachtreich is founded.

1935:  Not to be outdone, the Carthian Movement took advantage of the Wagner Act and helped to build up the labor unions and push forward the New Deal Coalition.  Various efforts by several Conspiracies helped also to push forward and create the Social Security Program as well as mobilize and empower blue collar workers, union workers, big city machines, ethnic groups and the white South.

1939:  Nazi Germany invades Czechoslovakia and then Poland prompting Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany.  This prompted the Neutrality Acts of 1939, which allowed for arms trade with belligerent nations and ended the arms embargo.  Arms trade without a license became a federal crime, prompting a large underground (and Kindred funded) arms trade.