US Requiem Chronicle IC Structures


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the use of the term Faction in several canon books, we have elected to go ahead and use the term Conspiracy in place of Conspiracy for our National IC structures.  These are NOT exactly the same structures as presented in the book.

Player Created

US ST Created

The following Conspiracies have been created by the US ANST Requiem office, and are open for any PC to join.

Ala Vaticinium

Goal: To uncover the origins of Kindred, find the Founders, and return them to the world.
Game Play: Primarily PvE investigation, puzzle-solving, and plot-chasing dungeon crawls to uncover chronicle backstory.
Primary Antagonists: VII, who want to see Kindred destroyed, not strengthened.
End Game: For good or ill, the Founders are loosed upon the world.
NPC Guides: Stheno (Circle of the Crone), Aelfgifu (Invictus)

Baochuang de Wenti

Most of the Ordo Dracul and many other Kindred treat the Kindred condition as a great enigma; a riddle to be solved. The Bàochuáng de Wèntí conspiracy was founded based on a revelation: Kindred are not the question. They are the answer.

There is a great enigma in the world, a mystical riddle of astounding complexity. Nobody has yet even grasped the full scope of the riddle, but the Shapers are convinced that the Kindred condition and their unique powers are the key to unlock it… or possibly the Question doesn’t even have a defined structure at all; perhaps the world is simply waiting for order to be imposed on it.

Thus, Bàochuáng de Wèntí is trying to understand and control the world’s mystical underpinnings, so as to understand and define the Question. With that understanding, they will know where to apply their power most effectively, and their primacy will be inevitable.

Shapers are drawn primarily from Acolyes of the Circle of the Crone and the Oriental Rite of the Ordo Dracul, however nearly all Clans and Covenants find representation within the Conspiracy. It is a group of scientists and mystics in equal measure, of engineers, architects, mathematicians, archaeologists, and others whose disciplines are not so easily described. All know the truth and all work towards greater understanding.

Gilded Age

Goal: To rule humanity through the arts and industry
Game Play: PvE and PvP. Consolidating power in mortal sectors to gain the upper hand in all avenues of luxury.
Primary Antagonists: Hunters. Other vampires.
End Game: To gather sufficient power to secede from kindred political games and enjoy eternal unlives of luxury
NPC Guides: TBD


The Nachtreich is a society of the elite, the famous, the fabulous and the nouveaux riche. They are the movers and shakers in the Kindred and mortal worlds, often using power, intimidation and other forms of domination to accomplish goals on behalf of the faction and on behalf of themselves. Nearly all members of this Conspiracy have the Luxury merit, Resources, or some form of merits that ensure they are on the up and up for decadence and vice.

In the modern nights, members of the Nachtreich are often known for establishing or having memberships in the best clubs – gentleman’s clubs, VIP events, and private, elite events are the status quo for the Nachtreich. They believe that being undead is a privileged existence. Rather than mourn the loss of life, they celebrate the night. They want to bring back the times when Kindred ruled the night, not cowered in fear.

For members of the Nachtreich, politics are done in backrooms, at the poker table, and over expensive cigars and whiskey. It’s not unheard of for large gatherings to be financed by Nachtreich where they have a private VIP area that they invite potential allies and members over to share a dram of whiskey that is old enough to drink on it’s own and some expensive cigars and champagne. Members of Nachtreich are socialites and courtesans – everything for them are pretty masks gilded in gold – a shiny façade that hides what goes on behind closed (and often soundproofed) doors.

Ever mindful of the Masquerade, the Nachtreich push the line at times – but the wise and experienced member knows how to balance what is and what is not accepted – enough that going too far is clearly a sin against the Conspiracy.

Hierarchy of Sins: Betraying the Conspiracy – When the Elite decide to backstab each other, it’s repairable, and perhaps mildly scandalous. Steal a boyfriend or a lover, switch out the bottle of whiskey for some locally distilled crap…the Elite do NOT betray the Elite. We leave that to the mundane and the ill-mannered.

  • Breaching the Masquerade to where it is irreparable – Go too far, and the hunters become the hunted. Always treat mortals like potential dumb paparazzi.
  • Refusing a proper duel – The duel is a sport of gentlemen and society. To refuse it means you are less than elite.
  • Publically killing someone who disagrees with the Conspiracy.

Antagonists: Belial’s Brood, The Band
Supporters: Atlas, The Social Contract
NPC Guides: Palladius of Ireland (Invictus), Icarius (Lancea Sanctum)

Shadow Cults

Mekhet Shadow Cults, as well as several non-Mekhet Shadow Cults (though Mekhet are certainly welcome to join) will be in play next chronicle.  Only the Mekhet Shadow Cults will have mechanical benefits; non-Mekhet Shadow Cults can best be thought of as vampiric secret societies.

Caine’s Childer (non-Mekhet)

Goals: Advance the Cainite Heresy as an acceptable alternative to traditional Sanctified or Acolyte doctrine
Game Play: Mainly social and mental PvP; these PC’s will subtly push for the ideals of the Cainite Heresy and try to ease it into common acceptance
Primary Antagonists: Other PC’s especially devout Sanctified or other Longinians, as well as some Acolytes
End Game: To have made the Cainite Heresy acceptable in a sufficiently large number of Domains that they can practice their faith and proselytize openly
NPC Guides: None

Qutub Sahi (non-Mekhet)

Goal: To achieve personal transcendence and enlightenment through Golconda.
Game Play: Predominantly PvE research and increased Humanity
Primary Antagonists: Belial’s Brood, who are also searching for transcendence via a very different path.
End Game: To transcend the vampiric condition.
NPC Guides: Anoushka (Ordo Dracul), The Blinded Queen (Circle of the Crone)

Shapers of Power (non-Mekhet)

Goal: To re-align all the ley lines and Wyrm’s Nests to allow control over the vampiric condition
Game Play: PvE research and actions revolving around ley lines/wyrm’s nests
Primary Antagonists: The Grand Lodge, Mages, and any others interested in the power of ley energy
End Game: To use geomancy to gain complete control over the vampiric condition, for transcendance, political, and religious gain
NPC Guides: TBD


Clans and Covenants

Quick “how to play” guides are being worked on. The Covenant Guides