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The following documents are the first drafts of the Setting and Mechanics for the Forsaken Chronicle starting in 2013.

MES Forsaken Mailing Lists

MES Forsaken Settings Guide

MES Forsaken Renown Guide

MES Forsaken Pact of Split Arrow Settings Information

MES Forsaken Spirit Predation Guide and Mechanics

MES Forsaken Wolf-Blooded Family Creation Guide

MES Forsaken Coalitions Guide

MES Forsaken Custom Mechanics

MES Forsaken National VSS (Coming Soon!)

MES Forsaken Fetish Creation Guide

MES Forsaken Territories Guide (Coming Soon!)

MES Forsaken Protectorates Guide (Coming Soon!)

MES Forsaken Regional Council Guide

For current Addenda, please visit the Addenda page.

If you have comments or questions on any of the above, or if you have ideas, please send them to your DST or RST, who will then forward them on the ANST Forsaken staff. While the staff will be watching the Email lists for threads regarding this information, the way to ensure your thoughts are seen is to make sure they are received by your RST.

Thank you!

Andrew Adams
MES ANST Forsaken